NESONCON 2018………

My dear friends,

       It is fair to conclude that the ‘NESONCON 2018’ was a great success! So many of you contributed in so many ways to turn this event into a smoothly running meeting with many very interesting presentations and a very good atmosphere for discussion and socializing. Every one of you worked very professionally in organizing many aspects of the conference right from giving a shape to it until its successful completion.
     The last phase of the preparation needed a much needed concerted effort and every one of you excelled in the job assigned.  Since the conclusion of the program, I have been receiving congratulatory messages by all international speakers both in person and via email.

    And all this is because of all of you. I merely represented NESON to the outside world, you did all the work! My special thanks to my dear volunteers who despite being very young and “relatively inexperienced (not anymore!)” worked to perfection.

      But we will not bask in these notes only. There were some glitches. Time management was a serious issue. But we will sure rectify these and do a wonderful international conference next year.

 Thank you for being with me all along!

Happy New Year 2075!

With warmest regards

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