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NESON MONTHLY CME with Dashain Celebration

Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital

22nd September 2017

NESON Election : 22nd September 2017



Recent presentations of CME

Neson Spine Chapter, B and B Hospital, 15th July 2017 1. Degenerative Spinal Disease : Dr. Prabin Shrestha NESON Monthly CME, NINAS, 21st July 2017 1.. Audiovestibular Evaluation in Vestibular Schwannoma : Dr. Sangya Paudel 2. Radiological Pearls of Vestibular…

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NESON monthly CME

NESON monthly CME for 2017   National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences ( NINAS) 21st July, 2017 Nepal Medical College, Jorpati   11th August, 2017   Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital ( Dashain Celebration )   21st September 2017 Norvic…

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